Speaking Topics

Women’s Conferences or Retreats

Each conference or retreat presentation can be shortened or lengthened by a session to accommodate your group’s needs.

Kay’s most requested conference or retreat topics:

The 9*1*1 Woman
Primary scripture reference: Isaiah 30:15—

Jesus said, “I leave you peace; my peace I give you,” but we women don’t live our lives as if we believe Jesus in the slightest. We have elevated our stress levels by going into a chronic EMS (emergency mental status) whenever we tackle most of the tasks of our lives. In this presentation Kay invites participants into a personal journey to discover:

Session 1: How Women Develop the 9*1*1 Mentality
Session 2: The Biological Repercussions of the 9*1*1 Mentality
Session 3: The Impact the 9*1*1 Mentality Has on Our Mental and Spiritual Lives
Session 4: How We Can Break Free of the 9*1*1 Mentality

The “Good Old Days” Today
Primary scripture reference: John 10:10

How many times have you found yourself wishing for a lifestyle you call the “good old days”? Chances are you almost immediately dismiss the idea as impossible. The truth is that the “good old days” is not a time; it is a place. It is a place you can create by using Kay’s techniques for creating an internal, as well as an external, life filled with serenity.

Session 1: A Place Not a Time
Session 2: Building the Interior Place
Session 3: Building the Exterior Place
Session 4: Bolstering Your Commitment

A New Creation in Christ
Primary scripture reference: II Corinthians 5:17

After the crucifixion, Jesus entered the room where His disciples were hiding through locked doors and greeted them with “Shalom!” He chose this greeting because it connotes a deep wish that wholeness may heal fragmentation, that all the aches and pains of life may be healed. We know from the scriptures that once the disciples recognized Him, they were healed and empowered to spread the gospel.

When fear rules us, we also barricade ourselves behind walls—walls of cynicism, hopelessness, busyness and worldly distractions. But Jesus wants to come to us. He wants to cut through our closed hearts and fragmenting fears, our skepticism and need for security. He wants to help us manifest the “new creation” we became when we embraced Him as our Lord and Savior.

Session 1: Why Don’t We Feel Like New Creations in Christ?
Session 2: Awareness of the Negative Self-Definitions We Embrace
Session 3: Forming a New Pattern of Self-Definitions
Session 4: Necessity of Purification of Memory

Single Session Topics

Kay’s Most Popular Single Session Topics:

“God Don’t Make No Trash!”
This famous quotation from Lovey, the wise, old housekeeper in Kay’s novel Celebration! succinctly sets the stage for Kay’s most popular speech. Why do so many of us feel worthless in spite of all we accomplish? Do we have any control over this self-perception? Kay explains how we developed this false evaluation of our worth and how we can change our perception.

Forgiveness—the Road to Peace
“Understanding be real important cause it lead to forgiveness, and forgiveness be the road to peace.” Once again Kay’s character, Lovey, imparts wisdom we all need to embrace, but how do we forgive? Join Kay as she discusses practical ways to forgive, free yourself and move on.

Choice—the Power to Shape Our Lives
Many of us are not embracing our God-given power of choice. Instead, we allow the world to control us by accepting the perceptions of life the world chooses to market to us. How do we become alert to these manipulations and how do we resist them? Join Kay in a discussion of ways to regain the gift of choice which God gave us.

“People Are Like Roses
Kay’s beloved character, Great Aunt Kathleen from Counterfeit Legacy, uses her beloved roses to show how people need constant sustenance “to blossom into the creatures God made them to be.” How can you find that constant sustenance for yourself, and how can you give it to those you love?

There’s Only One of You!
You are God’s unique creation, and you were born to make manifest the glory of God that shines through you. Have you fallen into the habit of being such a “people pleaser” that you no longer even remember who you are? You’re not alone! Join Kay for a discussion of ways to re-embrace your true identity and bring your special gifts to the world.

Fee: Dependent on the length of the retreat and the number of participants. Please contact KathleenSpencer3@aol.com for a fee schedule.

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