David’s Gift

book_dfThe thrilling sequel to Counterfeit Legacy

David Randolph, owner of an international corporation, is one of Dallas’ most admired men. His enormous wealth and power give him control over thousands of lives, including that of his beautiful wife, Caroline. From Texas to London to Tokyo, David wields his power ruthlessly, just as his father taught him to.

However, behind his facade of bravado, David is crumbling and tormented by his nightmares. What is disturbing him so drastically? Why the anxiety, the doubts, the shattered self-image?

Only David know the truth about his first marriage and the death of his first wife, Danielle. Can he continue to hide the truth about his past deeds from Caroline? If he does, will he miss out on the greatest gift of his life?

Can anyone or anything teach David that happiness grows from one’s center to one’s surface and that joy comes only when one gives oneself away?

Trade Paper (5.25 X 8.25). 245 pages.

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