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David’s Gift

book_dfThe thrilling sequel to Counterfeit Legacy

David Randolph, owner of an international corporation, is one of Dallas’ most admired men. His enormous wealth and power give him control over thousands of lives, including that of his beautiful wife, Caroline. From Texas to London to Tokyo, David wields his power ruthlessly, just as his father taught him to.

However, behind his facade of bravado, David is crumbling and tormented by his nightmares. What is disturbing him so drastically? Why the anxiety, the doubts, the shattered self-image?

Only David know the truth about his first marriage and the death of his first wife, Danielle. Can he continue to hide the truth about his past deeds from Caroline? If he does, will he miss out on the greatest gift of his life?

Can anyone or anything teach David that happiness grows from one’s center to one’s surface and that joy comes only when one gives oneself away?

Trade Paper (5.25 X 8.25). 245 pages.


Reader Review and Response

“I read David’s Gift straight through without stopping. From the very first page I was fascinated by the story with all its twists and turns. I love the way Kay Moser writes; she doesn’t waste any time getting straight to the mystery. This is quite a novel! I would never have guessed the ending.” (reader from Florida)

“David’s Gift turned out to be my gift. When I read the story of Allison, I finally found some peace about the loss of my child. There it was–planted in the middle of this wonderful mystery—the answer I needed. That’s what I love about Kay’s fiction; it’s always entertaining, but it’s also always much more.” – (reader from Texas) 

“What a story! I was flying along in this great mystery trying my best to figure out what David was hiding; then all of a sudden this character Clifton Armstrong showed up. Boy, Kay, did you ever get my attention! I have to confess I cried through that part; it was beautiful, and it changed the way I saw myself. The mystery was great; the life lesson was even better. Thank you!” – (reader from New Jersey)