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Counterfeit Legacy

cl_bookA bizarre storm reveals, a family heirloom hiding a secret, and a lie that threatens lives.

Will Caroline discover the true Bradford legacy in time?

Come to Charleston with Caroline. Open the gate. Enter the world of the Bradfords.

Caroline Bradford Randolph is a Dallas socialite who has discovered that neither her wealth nor the legacy of her famous Charleston, S.C. ancestors can satisfy her deepest longings. When a freakish storm gives Caroline the chance to hold the most cherished Bradford heirloom in her hands for the first time, she discovers that it contains a secret that may well destroy the prestigious legacy of the Bradfords. Since Caroline has based her life on this legacy, hard choices loom ahead for her.

Should she cover up her discovery in order to protect her marriage to wealthy industrialist David Randolf? Or should she investigate the truth of her proud ancestry in hopes of finding the fulfillment she so desperately needs?

Counterfeit Legacy will captivate you as you travel with Caroline through the trials and questions of her contemporary life into the secrets of her ancestors.

Trade Paper (5.25 X 8.25). 359 pages.


From Waco Today
Book Review for Counterfeit Legacy, by Kay Moser.

Kay Moser weaves a suspenseful tale of honor and deceit.
By Vicki Marsh Kabat

A raging storm… a cryptic message scribbled on a scrap of paper found in an heirloom vest… a sudden death… two marriage licenses for the same woman dated within one month of each other. These are the elements of suspense Kay Moser weaves into Counterfeit Legacy.

If you’re looking for a high body count, political intrigue or courtroom drama, you’d best look elsewhere. What you will find is a captivating mystery that pulls a Dallas socialite, Caroline Bradford Randolph, from her comfortable life of privilege, and sets her on a pilgrimage that reveals a family past of both honor and deceit. The heroine is compelled to choose which legacy she will follow for her future.

Moser continues the successful approach she took in her first novel, Celebration!, by integrating the story of a modern woman facing controversial choices into a story of her family’s past, which is riddled with secrets.

Moser deftly guides the reader between past and present, and from setting to setting as the story unfolds. In her search for answers to both her past and future, Caroline moves from the socialite world of upper-class Dallas to her great-aunt Kathleen’s genteel seaside estate in Charleston, S.C.

“He knows nothing. Meet me at midnight.” Those words, in faded brown ink, scribbled by a feminine hand on a scrap of paper sewn into the lining of a vest, and discovered by Caroline the night of a fierce storm, are the clue that sets into motion a surprising emotional whirlwind.

The pacing of the plot is excellent as the secrets of Caroline’s ancestry are revealed. The reader is swept along in the suspense of how theses revelations imprinted her ancestors and, ultimately, how they will affect her.

“I can’t shake the feeling that there is some kind of evil in the past that is strangling my life. And I must find out what it is and expose it to the light before it ruins my life.”

With those words, Caroline begins a journey that will take her back to her ancestral home in Charleston, where her great-aunt Kathleen still lives, and back in time more than 100 years, to the roots of her troubled family’s long-held secret.

The strength of Moser’s work is that she so honestly portrays the inner struggles of a person trying to choose the right path amidst a staggering array of options. Her finely drawn characters capture the reader’s heart and mind, prompting personal introspection, as Caroline attempts to make peace with herself and a God she’s never known.

Such conscientiousness is a refreshing change of pace from the steady diet of violence and corruption portrayed in much of today’s entertainment media.

Counterfeit Legacy offers a bit of something for everyone: Romance, beautiful settings, dashes of wry humor, intrigue, an illicit love affair, broken hearts, deceit, and honor. It’s an enjoyable read – the kind of book you curl up with for the weekend and hate to leave on Monday morning.