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book_celebrationRachel D’Everau had everything the world could offer – wealth and prestige, striking beauty, a charming and successful husband, and a profession she loved. Yet, when a series of catastrophes begin to shatter the secure, comfortable walls that surround her life, she is forced to admit long-supressed feelings of insecurity and worthlessness.

book_celRachel returns to her ancestral plantation home where she confronts the painful secrets that have haunted and challenged members of her family for generations. Her quest to rekindle the spiritual flames that guided her as a child takes her on an unexpected journey, a journey from darkness to light.

Celebration! is a sweeping saga filled with characters whose lives blaze across the pages of history, from the genteel South of the early 1800’s, to the tumultuous urban landscapes of modern America. It is also a powerful and moving novel that captures hte journey each of us must take if we are to accept our true identity as God’s worthy children.

Trade Paper (6 X 9). 298 pages.


Reader Review and Response

Celebration! was an interesting read. I felt that I could personally relate to the characters and their mentalities. It seemed that each character’s life reflected mine, in one way or another, and offered some insight into my own circumstances. The story was cleverly designed to be a direct liaison to the reader. I personally had to clear my schedule, because I needed a set period of time to read the book in one sitting; I could not put it down for the life of me! It was wonderful to finally read a novel devoid of profanity, yet one that still held my interest. With a fun signature of significant points to make, as well as realistic lives amid adversity, Celebration! will certainly draw your imagination into the hearts of memorable characters. – Davina M. Vargas (Nina)

“Celebration! is a beautiful story, full of wisdom and insight, and a book extremely hard to put down before it is finished. It is a novel with a wealth of insight into why people become what they are and how they can overcome the negative influences in their early lives.” – (reader from Kentucky)

“The exhibition of spiritual love in Celebration! is awesome. Haven’t we all been through the negative feelings Kay Moser wrote about? Most authors approach such emotions as having ‘wrecked’ a person’s life henceforth or else the whole novel is built around revenge. She wrote a book about LOVE—how to overcome hate with love, time and patience.” – (reader from Texas)

“Celebration! really affected me because it is an absorbing story that creates understanding of oneself. I think everyone should read Celebration! It both entertained and affirmed me.” – (reader from Colorado)

“Celebration! is so captivating I read the book twice. Even though it is a novel, it is more helpful than any self-help book I’ve ever read.” –  (reader from Massachusetts)

“This novel [Celebration!] helped me make peace with my family before my mother passed away. It doesn’t seem possible that a novel could do that, but this one did. I am so grateful to God for this book; I have since bought over 15 copies to give to friends and relatives who are struggling through a hard time.” – (reader from Missouri)

“Celebration! is a marvelous piece of writing. It’s as good a ‘page turner’ as any gripping mystery. Why can’t there be more novels like this one in the marketplace? This book is very entertaining, immensely helpful to the reader and free of smut. Keep writing, Kay!” – (reader from California)