Skirting Tradition

Skirting Tradition, Aspiring Hearts Series Book 1

Skirting TraditionSleepy, tradition-bound Riverford, Texas is startled when a Czech immigrant sharecropper s daughter, Sarah Novak, announces she wants to be a teacher rather than marry. Granted it is 1895, and a new century is fast approaching, but nothing has changed in Riverford since the end of The War 30 years ago. Then …

…. Mrs. Victoria Hodges steps off the train at the Riverford station and change arrives in a big way! She s a native Texan who ran off to Europe 20 years ago to become an artist. How she managed to hook wealthy local businessman, Hayden Hodges, is a mystery to the town, but one thing is certain she’s here to stir up things. Why, she wears Paris fashions, speaks French, wants to build a public library, and supports equal rights for women including rights to education!

With this newcomer’s help and support, nothing but hard work stands between Sarah and a teaching certificate. Nothing, that is, except Robert Lee Logan, a handsome young banker from Fort Worth with eyes for Sarah.

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