Kay’s introduction to Counterfeit Legacy

Kay’s Introduction to Counterfeit Legacy

Counterfeit Legacy is a great choice for your reading group because it appeals to all ages as well as to readers who enjoy different types of fiction.

The novel includes four generations of women in the Bradford family and interweaves a contemporary story with a historical one. It has a strong element of intrigue as the contemporary heroine, Caroline, tries to uncover what has happened in the Bradford family that is impacting her life so drastically. Many relationships (some good, some destructive) are uncovered as Caroline searches for the truth about her family’s legacy and for the help she needs to change herself and to save her marriage.

You’ll certainly meet some vivid characters along the way, the most beloved being Great Aunt Kathleen. Readers are absolutely certain that she is a real person. They actually e-mail me asking me to consult Great Aunt Kathleen for answers to their personal problems! (In fact, I’ve been told by my readers that if I value my own life, I’d better not “kill off” Great Aunt Kathleen! So I didn’t. Instead, I wrote a sequel to the novel entitled David’s Gift. )

As for themes, Counterfeit Legacy invites us to consider what legacies (especially our impression of ourselves and what makes us worthwhile) we have inherited, whether those legacies are true, and whether we need to be defined by those legacies. It also shows us the enormous impact we have on others and the crippling power of deceit.

Counterfeit Legacy is absolutely smut-free. I don’t write novels with foul language, graphic sexual scenes or gratuitous violence. My favorite review of this novel included the following comment: “…a refreshing change of pace from the steady diet of violence and corruption portrayed in today’s entertainment media.” (Waco Tribune-Herald)
I am very proud of that review! That’s what I stand for, and I hope you’ll stand with me.

Read the first chapter; I think you’ll be hooked and want your friends to read this novel and discuss it with you. Contact me (kaymoser@att.net) if you want to set up a telephone discussion with me.


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