Counterfeit Legacy Discussion Guide

Counterfeit Legacy

Group Discussion Guide

Created by author, Kay Moser

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Note from Kay: Feel free to discuss only the questions you are comfortable discussing. Some questions are formulated for your personal reflection only.

Human Worth

1. According to Caroline, what makes her worthy? Do her bases of worth seem valid? Who has taught her to base her worth on these values?

2. What do you base your worth on? Material possessions? Family connections? Professional success? Physical attractiveness? Social success? Pleasing others?

3. How far is Caroline willing to go to preserve her bases of worth? How far are you willing to go to preserve yours?

4. Why do the eulogies at Judith’s funeral upset Caroline so much? Will Caroline’s bases of her worth or your bases of yours stand the test of time? Will these things matter when you are gone?

Legacies….the ones we have received

1. We all receive a legacy from our families. That legacy includes attitudes and values, as well as an evaluation of our own worth. What legacy has Caroline received from Judith?

2. When Caroline meets Great Aunt Kathleen, she discovers that there have been two distinctly different legacies in the Bradford family. Take some time to specifically define and discuss the differences. Which of these legacies would you choose? (Are you being honest with yourself?) Why would you choose the legacy you have chosen?

3. Do you think that many of us Americans actually want both legacies? Is it possible for us to have both?

4. What legacies have you received from your families? What evaluation of your worth have you received? Are you really what your family has told you that you are?

5. What portions of your legacies would you like to embrace? What portions would you like to erase?

6. Do you have the power to embrace or erase such powerful influences in your life? Can you at least moderate or exaggerate these influences to your benefit?

Legacies….the ones we are leaving behind

1. Reflect on Great Aunt Kathleen’s directions about the proper way to cut a rose to extend its life and to allow it to open completely. She seems to be suggesting that we can and should positively impact the way others evaluate themselves. How much power does a single individual have to impact another person’s perception of herself?

2. In Counterfeit Legacy, James impacted his granddaughter, Judith, who impacted our modern heroine, Caroline. On the other hand, Mary impacted her daughter, Carrie, who impacted Great Aunt Kathleen. Notice that James was unable to impact his daughter, Carrie. Why? Yet he was able to impact his granddaughter, Judith. Why?

4. Are these characters choosing between the versions of themselves and life in general which are being presented to them? What makes Carrie and Great Aunt Kathleen choose to view themselves and life differently from the way Judith viewed things?

5. Marian seems to be unable to impact Caroline’s vision of life. Is that true because Marian has sent mixed messages to Caroline?

6. What legacy are you leaving the significant others in your life? Are there changes you want to make in these legacies?

The power of truth

1. Ultimately, Great Aunt Kathleen impacts Caroline’s values by telling her the truth about the Bradford family history. The truth does set Caroline free. It sets her free to choose. How would you describe the choices Caroline makes?

2. Counterfeit Legacy ends on a very upbeat note. Do you think Caroline will have an easy time changing the way she views life and lives her own? What will it take for her to change? What must she do?

3. Do you think David, her husband, is truly ready to change? (Note: David’s Gift is the story of David’s life after he and Caroline leave Charleston. See for a copy.)

4. By watching Great Aunt Kathleen, Caroline understands that the deeper truth that will set her free is actually spiritual. How would you define that truth?

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