The Good Old Days

Welcome to my garden and a bit of the good old days!


The good old days is not a time, you know. It’s actually a place, a place we can create.

How do we do that? By slowing down enough to notice that the real world is full of people to hug and chat with. It’s a beautiful physical space full of plants, sky, scenic water–all kinds of things that can give us peace.

Having a bit of a problem leaving the crazy pace behind?

What you need is a new friend–somebody like Great Aunt Kathleen from “Counterfeit Legacy” and “David’s Gift.” An endearing Charleston, SC octogenarian, she loves to invite people like you into her lush southern garden.  After a tour of the azaleas, hydrangeas and roses, she will invite you to join her on the upper piazza for a cup of tea. Be sure you accept!

When you leave as the sun sets over the harbor, you’ll discover that you have acquired not only a new serenity but also the solutions to your problems.

How do you find Great Aunt Kathleen’s garden? Click on the book titles on the left and just browse. When you’re ready to visit the lady, click on Store to order both books at the incredible Holiday Special price of $19.98 with free shipping!

Come to Charleston…Spend the afternoon with Great Aunt Kathleen…

You’ll feel so much better!

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